She was right there, hiding under the bed. The poor seven year old was afraid that he might find her and beat her again. It was 1 am when we came back, drunk, wounds from some street fight and angry as always. He was angry because everyone was sleeping, he was angry for the whole world wasn’t there to welcome him back home.He rushed into the room, found the bed empty. In a fit of rage, he just smashed everything that was near him, this scared the little girl even more. But she thought that this was her father, maybe if she goes and hug him, he might cool down. She came out shivering with fear, rushed and grabbed him. But she forgot one thing that this drunk, messed up person was not a father that children look up to as their hero. He was a monster, a devil who was frustrated with his lifestyle, but wasn’t ready to accept this fact and vented out his anger on his vulnerable seven year old. When she grabbed him and then looked into her eyes, she was shocked. It wasn’t her father, it was the same monster who used to beat her up. He pushed that little girl so hard, that she hit the corner of bed and started bleeding. But then he left the room, just like that. He left her own daughter bleeding just like that. And then he went and switched on the TV, with a beer in one hand. His goddamn daughter was in his room crying her eyes out, thinking that she was wrong that his own hero didn’t have any humanity left. She took the photo frame, pressed it against her chest, looking up, she cried-“I MISS YOU MUM”……….


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